Andrew's Continued Education
and Advanced Trainings

The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, Anaheim Ca, (20 CEU – As below), The Milton H. Erickson
Foundation, Inc., PCE #398, December 6th through 11th, 2005
The Emperor’s New Clothes, Patch Adams (1 CEU)
Imago Relationship Therapy: A Couples Therapy Based on the Relational Paradigm, Harvel Henrix, (3 CEU)
EMDR and Adaptive Information Processing: Clinical Applications and Case Conceptualization, Shapiro, (3 CEU)
Do-It-Yourself Redecision Therapy, Mary Goulding, (3 CEU)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Overview and Examples with Suicidal Clients, Margaret Linehan, (3 CEU)
Mindfulness, Linehan & Houston, (1 CEU)
Redecision Therapy: A Brief Demonstration of Change, Mary Goulding, (3 CEU)
Conversation Hour, James Hillman, (1 CEU)
On Shaping One’s Future: The Exercise of Persona and Collective Self- Efficacy, Bandura, (1 CEU)
Clincial Supervision, Barlow, (1 CEU)
The Union of Humanity and Technique: Irving Polster, (1 CEU)
Conversation Hour, Michael White, (1 CEU)

Group Techniques in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, (1.5 CEU),
Sharp Healthcare PCE #1226, January 19, 2005
Trainings, Conferences and Workshops Attended