Andrew's Continued Education
and Advanced Trainings

Workshop: Children & Adolescents in Crisis: The Impact of Trauma and Stress (6 hours), November 12, 1999

Workshop: ADHD and Addiction: Assessment and Treatment of ADHD
and Co-occurring Substance Abuse and Behavioral Addictions (7 hours),
October 8, 1999

Workshop: Psychotherapy and Adoption Issues (1.5 hours), July 11, 1999

Workshop: Couples Therapy From a Psychodynamic Perspective (7 hours), April 24,1999

Workshop: HIV Workshop (7 hours), Miriam Davis, MFT, March 21, 1999

Workshop: When Time Does Not Heal: Trauma & The Integration of Experience
Bessel A. Van Der Kolk, M.D. (7 hours), January 9, 1999
Trainings, Conferences and Workshops Attended